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News & topics (2006)

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Information on exhibition models in INTERNEPCON JAPAN

More details of the exhibition models in the show (The 36th Internepcon Japan) are given here.
NEWLONG will exhibit at the 36th INTERNEPCON JAPAN held January 17(Wed)-19(Fri), 2007 at Tokyo Big Sight.
This time we will exhibit the following three models:
  1. "Auto alignment high-precision screen-printer LS-150TVA(standard model)"
  2. "Auto alignment high-precision screen-printer LS-56TVA(standard model)"
  3. "Auto squeegee grinder SG-300"
  4. "8-inch/12-inch-wafer-compliant high-precision screen-printer LZ-12WDA"
Besides the machines, you will also see the samples of print that NEWLONG has worked on in conjunction with the screen mask maker or paste maker under the theme "Challenge to microscopical print!":
  1. wafer: silver paste fine wiring print,
  2. FPC: Print resistance measurement sample,
  3. TAB/COF: TAB pattern making sample with screen-printing,
  4. FPC: Porous quality film print sample, etc.
We hope you will find time in your busy schedule to come and look around the site. The stuff is looking forward to see you at the exhibition!
※If you are planning to visit the exhibition, please take a moment to contact your sales representative, Mr, Ueno or Mr. Hishiyama in the Sales and Technology Section.
※For details on INTERNEPCON JAPAN, please visit the INTERNEPCON website at:

Greetings from the president

Following the death of the president and chief executive officer Isao Takase, the board of director's meeting was held on the 9th of November: Masayuki Itagaki was assigned to and assumed the office of the president and chief executive officer as the successor.

JPCA Show 2006 was concluded.

scene of our booth
scene of our booth
36th International Electronic Circuits Exhibition (JPCA Show 2006/2006 Microelectronics Show), where we exhibited as usual,was held under the theme of "Electronic Circuits and Packaging Technology Supporting Advanced Products" at Tokyo Big Sight for three days from May 31 to June 2.
First of all, we sincerely appreciate your visit to our booth, we also thank you in advance for your continuous business and support.
The organizer announced greater number of visitors than last year: 118,806 visitors in total and 69,867 actual registrations in total. Our booth also had 420 visitors (the number of business cards received).
This time we displayed:
  • A FPC, PET, PCB, glass, etc.-capable new type printer LS-56TVA,
  • a realization of great precision, user-friendliness and high speed by improving the mechanism of the traditional horizontal-table-sliding type printer to reduce moving parts and to shorten the operational response;
  • A new type printer LZ-12WDA,
  • suitable for development and manufacturing of semi-conductor;
  • A squeegee grinder SG-300,
  • featured with automatic angle adjustment of the squeegee and automatic zero-search, etc.
along with screen-printing-related materials such as I-Squeegee, V-Scraper (both patent pending), squeegee rubbers, Big Mat, Squeegee-Scan, etc.
We are glad that we were able to conclude the three days of the exhibition with great success drawing a lot of attention to our machines etc.
We are ready to respond to your inquiry etc. enriching trial machines etc.
Please feel free to click here for inquiry.

NEWLONG to exhibit at JPCA Show 2006!

We will exhibit at JPCA Show 2006 to be held at Tokyo Big Sight on Wed. May 31 through Fri. June 2 this year too.
    May 31 Wed through June 2 Fri, 2006
    Tokyo Big Sight/ East 3 Hall, Booth # 3D-09, Display Module Area, FPC Expo

We will exhibit:
  • Machines:
            Printer for boards of up to 500*600
            Printer for wafers of up to 12-inch
            Bestselling squeegee-grinder
  • Samples and others:
            Complete-plugging sample board
            Rerouted silicon wafer sample
            And display of panels etc.
What are highlights of our booth for this time?
Display-module-related products will be our main exhibit: We will display variety of machines from a printer for FPC boards to that for semiconductor wafers. In addition, there will be many samples printed with our screen-printer technology.
We will intensify our effort to improve our screen-printing technology with screen manufacturers, ink manufacturers, and our customers and be engaged in a perpetual quest and challenge to meet variety of needs.
Please come see our booth with a great variety of exhibits.
Click Here for 36th International Electronic Circuits Exhibition (JPCA Show 2006).

FINETECH JAPAN 2006 was concluded with a great success!

scene of our booth
scene of our booth
scene of our booth
scene of our booth
FINETECH JAPAN 2006, where we exhibited, took place at Tokyo Big Sight from April 19 through 21
FINETECH JAPAN is world's largest exhibition in the FPD industry where experts from domestic and overseas manufacturers of panel and module assemble, and exhibitors in this mega-event reached a record-high of 631.
This time in our booth:
  • Electromagnetic shielding in 20-um lattice pattern on 42-inch glass,
  • Organic EL passivation film / LCD alignment layer damageless glass sample,
  • Sample of 300 wafer for WL-CSP,
  • Printing squeegee for large PDP,
  • Pressure measurement system I-SCAN,
and other printed samples and accessory materials were displayed. We had many visitors to introduce our screen-printer technology.
Thank you very much for taking time in your busy schedule to visit our booth.
Our representative will contact you shortly.
Also, if you have any questions about screen-printers or wish to get an estimate, please feel free to contact us.
3-21-5, Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
TEL. 03-3473-1155
FAX. 03-3473-5055
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