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- Pattern Printing that realizes high-aspect ratio -

Attractive printable electronics

  A wide variety of semiconductor parts are used in various electronic devices such as PCs, cell-phones, flat screen displays, etc. Printable electronics has been causing major changes in their manufacturing processes. It has been a while since printable electronics became popular, but recently, production cost saving and advances in organic materials have brought lots of attention to the technology again. We will show you an example of screen printing technoloby which is expected to be applied to printable electronics.

Screen Printing that realizes high-aspect ratio

  Optimizing the combination of our vacuum printing machine, metal mask and ink will realize high-aspect ratio pattern printing as shown in the photo below. The table below shows examples of line width and film thickness measured when two types of ink was used.
Solid body (glass, silver) ink
Non-solid (epoxy and other resin) ink
Line width
Film thickness
Film thickness
 As you can see from the printing results, screen printing is a very useful method for printing sealing materials or low-resistance wires. Why don’t you take a second look at the manufacturing processes which have been considered impossible with screen printing.
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