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HP-320 (Hand Printer)

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HP-320 (Hand Printer)

HP-320 type screen press (desk press printed by hand)
Printing area(mm)

Frame size(mm)
Table size(mm)
Machine size(mm)
HP-320 type screen press (desk press printed by hand)

1. Wing bolt for screen-frame installation(M6×20) / 4
2. 150 mm scale for clearance confirmation / 1
3. Vacuum pump(with 3 m power source code) / 1
4. Suction hose of 8 mm dia.×2 m / 1
5. Remote switch(with 2.5 m cable for vacuum pump) / 1
6. Squeegee holder with rubber / 1
7. 320x320 mm2 screen-frame(The screen is not attached included) / 1
8. Table with vacuum hole for work fixation / 1
Custom-made printing tables for fuel cells and dye-sensitized solar cell can be fabricated.

This machine is a simplified operation type screen-printer for R & D.
Hand squeegee sharpner SA-1 is a suitable match for HP-320
(We recommend an automated screen-printer for the purpose of mass-production.)
The power source is unnecessary when the work isn’t fixed with vacuum.
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