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Order now for early delivery! (Until March 31)

Order now for early delivery
Must-see offers for education and research institutions
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Offering academic discount

 HP-320 Hand Printer
     for research and development
     for those who want to start from hand printing

 DP-320 Semi-Automatic Desktop Printer
     for those who want to upscale from hand printing

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 Sales Dept.
 Please contact us from here : inquiry form
Applicable models
HP-320 Hand Printer
HP-320 Hand Printer
DP-320 Semi-Automatic Desktop Printer
DP-320 Semi-Automatic Desktop Printer

Notice of officer re-election

At the 71st Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders and the Board of Directors held on December 13, 2021, officers were appointed and assumed the following positions.
All the officers will continue to devote themselves to their duties and strive to meet everyone's expectations. We ask for your continued support and encouragement in the future.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Masayuki Itagaki
Managing Director and Marketing Manager
Shin-ichi Sakamoto
Director and Plant Manager
Tsuyoshi Ebe
Director and Administrative Manager
Masahiko Saito (newly‐appointed)
Chikako Itagaki (newly‐appointed)

Tomiko Tachibana, Audit & Supervisory Board Member, retired on the same date. We would like to express our deep gratitude to her for her kindness during her tenure.

We will be hosting Private WEB Exhibition NEWLONG VIRTUAL EXPO 2021. (Ended)

We will be hosting Private WEB Exhibition NEWLONG VIRTUAL EXPO 2021.
(all contents in Japanese)

【Date】 : February 16 (Tuesday) ~ March 9 (Tuesday), 2021

【Exhibits】 :
1. Semi-Automatic Desktop Screen Printer
2. High-Precision Vacuum Screen Printer
3. High-Precision Screen Printer
  LS-34TVA + a range of optional functions
  (paste cleaner, automatic squeegee balancer, peel-off mechanism)
4. Rotary Screen Printer
5. New Products
  LSH-550 (for general printing, molded items)
  LS-770 (swing-open type)
6. NEWLONG Original Production Management System

 Printed samples and technical videos

 “Door to Screen Printing”
 “The Latest Printing Technologies”
 Introducing basics of screen printing, our latest screen printing technologies and printed samples.

 “Squeegee Balance Measuring Device - SB Sensor ADVANCE
 Demonstrating how to use SB Sensor

 “About Maintenance”
 Introducing our maintenance work to keep machines in good condition

※2021/2/15 Added:
 Now accepting registration. Click here!

※2021/2/19 Added:
 If you are already registered, please log in here.

※2021/3/10 Added:
 Exhibition was finished.

3-21-5, Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
TEL. 03-3473-1155
FAX. 03-3473-5055
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