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I seem to be able to help product development and the production process that the customer varies, and, as for us, the screen-printing method works on a new technology and the development of the new product with every effort.

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Notice of officer re-election
At the 71st Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders and the Board of Directors held on December 13, 2021, officers were appointed and assumed the following positions.
All the officers will continue to devote themselves to their duties and strive to meet everyone's expectations. We ask for your continued support and encouragement in the future.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Masayuki Itagaki
Managing Director and Marketing Manager
Shin-ichi Sakamoto
Director and Plant Manager
Tsuyoshi Ebe
Director and Administrative Manager
Masahiko Saito (newly‐appointed)
Chikako Itagaki (newly‐appointed)

Tomiko Tachibana, Audit & Supervisory Board Member, retired on the same date. We would like to express our deep gratitude to her for her kindness during her tenure.

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