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Squeegees have been evolving, too!

Last time, in "The Subtle Relation Between Printing Pressure & Film Thickness", we showed that the flexibility of the squeegee affects the film thickness (thickness of ink printed). The flexibility of the squeegee is indispensable for smoothly squeezing ink or preventing the screen from being damaged. However, it is also true that, in contrast, the flexibility of the squeegee can have an adverse effect on recent, highly precise printing.
The reasons may include that the flexure of the squeegee varies by site since the printing pressure balance of the squeegee differs between the center and edges of the screen due to the clearance (space between the screen and workpiece) and tension of the screen.
It is no problem when sufficient printing pressure can be applied, but the impact is noticeable if printing is performed with low printing pressure for reasons including not to put stress on the workpiece.
Although it is getting more common to produce multiple products out of one workpiece, this, that the printing result varies by site, has been a cause of lowering yield.
To solve the problem, NEWLONG developed SPECIAL SQUEEGEE *patent pending.
Let us compare actual printing results using the special squeegee this time.
Lines 150um wide were printed vertically and horizontally and variation of film thickness on five sites out of nine divisions of the whole were measured.
The printing conditions including the machine, ink and screen were completely the same except the squeegees.
Have a look at the graph. It is ovbious at a glance!
You can see that the special squeegee gives much less variation by site of the workpiece than the plain squeegee.

You might be sick of hearing this, but the consitions were the same except the squeegees!
The special squeegee already has proven track records in the most advanced LCD seal printing (photo-aligned film, damageless) etc., and its excellent property has been appreciated by the customers.
If you have had trouble with low yield due to weak printing pressure for producing multiple products out of one workpiece, please try our special squeegee.
For details, please call our sales office or contact us filling out this form.
We will be happy to assist you with printing experiments in our company etc.
Please feel free to ask us.
*These experiments were carried out by NEWLONG, and the results may be different according to the ink, screen, squeegee speed, push quantity, clearance and so on.
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