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What are the three and an additional essentials of screen-printing?
Which in the three essentials of screen-printing is the most important?
What does paste rolling mean in screen-printing?
What does screen peeling mean in screen-printing with a mesh screen?
What is a clearance (gap) in screen-printing?
How does ink go through a mesh screen in screen-printing?


What tyoes of squeegees are there?
What is a squeegee generally made of?
What is the most popular type of mesh screen?
How many degrees does squeegee rubber range in hardness?
What is an attack angle of squeegee?
What are the average quantities of ink squeezed out of a screen by the (attack angle of) squeegee stood and laid down
Considering the hardness of squeegee rubber alone, which is suitable for printing sharp lines, soft squeegee or hard one?
What is the elasticity of squeegee? (namely, flexibility)
What is the solvent resistance of squeegee?
What is the grindability of squeegee?
What is the wear resistance of squeegee?


What is the line size?
What is the gauze thickness?
What is the emulsion thickness?
What is the total thickness?
What is the number of meshes in a mesh screen?
What is an opening?
What is the opening area?
What is permeative volume?
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