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- A Challenge to the Microscopic World -

An age ago, screen prinitng was only used for what the merit of thick-film printing can be fully displayed; while its merit is being able to transfer ink thickly, it was not expected too much of its preciseness.
However, recent screen-printing has even come to be as precise as photoengraving process.
Some of the main reasons are that the rigidity and preciseness of printers have been improved, and that screens and paste have remarkably improved by the development of mesh that is made from new materials, and fine-grained paste.

Such development has enabled finer pattern printing.
The fine printer LZ-250IP, which NEWLONG developed last year enables print of a line/space at the size of 10um.
Super fine printer LZ-250IP, 
developed aiming at a line & space within 10um.
The innovative squeegee, linear-motor drive, and stone base 
enable super fine printing, a notch above the others.
Are you interested in replacing the present method with screen-printing, which enables direct pattern drawing without wasting materials? Then please contact us!
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