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- Printable on Anything -

The world of printing can be classified into four main categories; letterpress, mainly for types, offset that produces vivid colors for posters etc., photogravure for picture of magazines etc. or packaging of food, and stencil printing known for mimeograph.
Printing technology has made such rapid progress that it is now said to be printable on any materials of any shape.
The most potential printing among them is screen-printing, a kind of stencil printing. Because of its potential in various fields, it is even said that screen-printing is available on anything expect for water and air. However, unlike its potential, it is not widely known to the general public.
Most people do not even notice that they are surrounded by the technology of screen-printing in their daily life.
Yes, screen-printing is used for patterns on milk or shampoo bottles, etc., china, vinyl toys, T-shirts, cloths, curtain, or traffic signs, and this is only a part of popular examples!
However, because of its preciseness, screen-printing is not only used for pattern printing. Screen-printing is used for substrates for electrical products, liquid crystal for PC or cellular phones, and furthermore, as an application of leading-edge technology, is also used for screens (plasma display panels)of thin, large wall-hanging TVs, and fuel cells which are expected as clean energy.
Liquid crystal, plasma, organic electroluminescence display
[ liquid crystal, plasma, or organic EL display ]
Carrying, PC, car fuel cell
[ Fuel Cell for cellular phone, PC, or car ]
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