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Muikamachi factory receives ISO14001 certification

Muikamachi factory, which is the base of design and production of NEWLONG SEIMITSU KOGYO Co., Ltd. receives ISO14001 certification, an international standard of the environmental management system by JET (Japan Electrical & Environment Technology Laboratories), as of September 20, 2000.
Muikamachi factory is the main factory that performs integrated production of NEWLONG's products. To obtain the certification, Muikamachi factory starts forming the basis for it centering on the EMS office and environment management committee in August, 1999. As a result, the examination for the certification is remarkably shortened.

Muikamachi factory renews ISO14001 certification

Since Muikamachi factory received ISO14001 certification, the first international environmental standard, on September 20, 2000 by JET, 12th years has passed. So 2012, NEWLONG has an examination by ISOQAR JAPAN for a renewal of the certification, and is given the approval.
ISO 14001 renewed certification
NEWLONG promotes a continuous activities that cover all the business action such as reduction of wastes to lighten the burden on the environment under the prindiple, "NEWLONG gives consideration to environmental preservation understanding the environment as a limited source so that people can eternally enjoy the blessing of nature".
Obtaining ISO14001 forms part of the above-mentioned activities that indicate NEWLONG's attitude toward its responsibility to be an honest company that has its roots in the community.
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