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Door to Screen-Printing

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<Friday June 13, 1980 The Japan Industrial Journal>


Since the oil crisis of 1973, Japanese enterprises have been demanded new measures. Even NEWLONG SEIMITSU, whose annual sales had not yet reached a billion yen, was not an exception.

The market, which once had created great fictitious demand, was rapidly cooled and they had trouble with getting inventory funds. The rapid changes in economic conditions had hardened the attitude of the financial institutions and the generousness was not seen at all in the middle of 1974.

However, in spite of meeting with such severe situation, Inoue's determination had never wavered. Although the banks refused to deal with, he dared double the funds to 20 million yen.

Capital of 40 million yen. As I mentioned before, An enterprise of this scale is rare in this industry. An enterprise cannot grow big if it is always defensive because of difficulties. It is nothing else but capacity of a challenger how much effort one can make when he is in trouble.

Inoue says:

"The troubles of a manager are never-ending. Because I hold more than half of the stocks of the company, a large sum of money is needed to increase the capital. I always have to save money for a capital increase. There are lots of things a salaried worker would never imagine. I don't think I can individually increase the capital any more..."

Even if an enterprise has started from a private enterprise, it has no choice but to put the management system on a firm footing as it grows larger. The turning point differs from each other, and Inoue, too, has started organizing a management system introducing stock holding of the staff as early as 1969. Such confident probably result in a capital increase under trouble: in this manner, he keeps forwarding step by step searching new paths.

Friday June 13, 1980 The Japan Industrial Journal

The diversified demand of a market requires diversifying machines. As the types of machine increases, the advantages of a scale are lost inevitably. Then how can he produce standard types of stable marketability?

"I would like to have always 5 or 6 standards. If I have products that sells stably, stable management is possible based on them. What is more, I can apply the profits to research and development to improve the standards." (Inoue)

As a matter of course, Inoue had not given high priority to automatic machines, for they do not have a wide use.

But in a couple of years, he has not always been able to follow his own convenience, because demand for automatic machines has grown and it is now obvious that enterprises cannot survive without meeting the demands of market. The target of developing technology has been changed into how to give an automatic machine a wide use.

"The result is, I managed to overcome the problem. Presently automatic machines occupy one-third of the whole, but I would increase them to half in the future." (Inoue)

Since the oil crisis, Inoue has overcame several obstacles and now has a secure future is in sight.

Market is changing every moment. The electronics-industry-related demand, which became known only ten years ago, even occupies more than 90% of it today. Demand diversified more from ceramic-related printing to variety kinds of glass printing bearing more closely on the lives.

I think demand can reach a peak in the business year 1980. My target is hitting the 1,500 million yen mark, which I can likely achieve. I would like to double the scale in five years." (Inoue)

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<Written by Kunio Michida>

The articles from Japan Industrial Journal("FujiSankei Business i." now) from June 3 to 16, 1980 are revived having been permitted.

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