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<Monday, June 9, 1980 The Japan Industrial Journal>


In the end of 1930s, Japan quickens its pace toward the long era of war. A medical checkup for conscription awaited Inoue.

Class C. Inoue, who started practicing kendo as he entered the industrial high school, grew into a well-built man just as well as the others. In spite of that, he was judged as class C because of the bent left arm mentioned before.

"I could say the time of dormitory life was my military life. Inscrutable are the ways of Heaven."

Inoue says philosophically. Having been judged as class C, he sees the day of defeat of Japan come round without being enlisted.

"I was lucky", says Inoue. Actually, who knows what will turn out to be lucky? An injury, which could have been a handicap turned out to be a god of salvation.

Not only this matter but his life have proved that Inoue is a very lucky person: He was not sent to the battlefield. Besides, he has never suffered war damage.

As air raids gets fiercer, Inoue has moved out of Koyasudai, Yokohama, where he lived at that time, into Yoshiwara in Shizuoka Prefecture. At Nissan, he was making training planes commonly called red dragonfly. He was in charge of leading the development of a 100-horsepower engine to be mounted in the red dragonfly, and when it was completed, the factory was separately moved to the site of demolished factory of Teijin in Yoshiwara. At the same time, Inoue also was transferred there.

As they moved to Yoshiwara, the war situation became much more severe. Students and the woman volunteer corps were mobilized and sent to the Yoshiwara factory of Nissan, and Inoue was made to tackle the education of these employees until the plant was ready.

Monday, June 9, 1980 The Japan Industrial Journal

"Even before that, I had sometimes thought I was very lucky. The Great Earthquake of 1923 was the most impressive in my past: the wind has veered around in front of me and I escaped the ravages of the earthquake." (Inoue)

He lived in 2 Kami-Negishi, Taito-ku, Tokyo at that time.

You might say, "That's very rough luck for him", yet since the fire did not spread to his house, as Inoue says, it is understandable that he was strongly impressed he was very lucky. What is more, it is said that the whole neighborhood of Uguisudani, whose ground is especially firmer in Tokyo, was not too badly damaged directly by the earthquake.

Thus, what is more interesting as a story, the furniture and household effects collected without having any disaster were useful as a part of funds to set up in business on his own after the war.

Making up his mind to set up in business, Inoue decisively disposed of his extra household effects in 1948. Since it was soon after the war, there were lots of buyers. Almost two truckloads of goods paid enough for a part of funds for setting up.

This action was not only for raising funds but also was an expression of his firm determination.

"Let's lighten my load and tackle with all my might"

This was his determination.

He decided to set up in business without talking with his family about it, because he knew it only troubles them to talk with them about it.
So after making a decision, he said to his wife,

"Can you work hard with me?"

"If you like to do this, we have nothing to say about it."

His wife just answered in a few words, too.

It is just like Inoue, who has worked as an engineer steadily and honestly, to make such a decision

"Do your best, and the road will be opened"

was his belief cultivated in his daily life as a salaried worker.

(Titles omitted.)
<Written by Kunio Michida>

The articles from Japan Industrial Journal("FujiSankei Business i." now) from June 3 to 16, 1980 are revived having been permitted.

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