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Door to Screen-Printing

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<Tuesday, June 3, 1980 The Japan Industrial Journal>


At no time, it appears to be, has technology attracted growing interest as at present.

Most people come in contact with and are interested in some aspects of technology and no wonder.
We live in an age where we cannot help feeling that not only the nation and enterprises but also individuals cannot survive without technology.

Still, the following I think can be said: People are not so interested in technology which has no immediate connection with them.

Let me give an example. There are plenty of bottles for beverages, which are familiar to us, with variety of patterns printed directly on glass or tinplate. Do you know what technology is used for such printing? And what about the technology used for printed explanations or directions on the parts of TVs, radio-cassette recorders, or calculators...?

This is so familiar that you may not even incline to think about it, yet only the technology called screen-printing makes it possible. I do not mean that you should go so far as to understand what kind of technology screen-printing is. I just hope you will remember once more the fact that there are variety of technologies surrounding our lives.

NEWLONG SEIMITSU KOGYO. It is the leading manufacturer of special machines for screen-printing whose head office is in Shinagawa, Tokyo. Takayasu Inoue, the president has developed the company to secure the present position making sober efforts step by step for as long as thirty years in the postwar period.

A capital of 40 million yen, an annual sales of approximately 1,100 million yen (performance for business year 1979), and 63 people, including the presidentcalthough it is such a small group with the above, its technology stands out above the rest and is making an unusual "technologist group".

It is true that there are many other enterprises that have annual turnovers of a billion yen or so.
However, in the field of screen-printing, NEWLONG SEIMITSU KOGYO is outstanding in scale too.

Tuesday, June 3, 1980 The Japan Industrial Journal

"Most enterprises have capital of 5 million yen to 10 million yen in this industry. So our capital of 40 million yen is, if anything, especially large", Inoue frankly says.

Quite a number of companies that has not only attempted the fields of special technology but also kept growing are similar to NEWLONG SEIMITSU KOGYO in scale. Although they are never in the limelight, grow steadily going up the stairs step by step gaining firm footholds.

Why they do not have chances to be spotlighted? Because the technologies in such fields in reality normally play roles in the background. Therefore, that does not damage a valuation on technology or a role that a company has.
For example, electronics technology, symbolized by the computer, is in the forefront of technology praised today.
The remarkable development of semiconductor elements from IC down to LSI have aroused considerable interest and been widely noticed. However, the technology of screen-printing has played a large part behind the remarkable development. A semiconductor chip is microminiaturized, not more than 1cm. The biggest point of technology is how many elements to place on the board making wiring possible. The technology of screen-printing is the clincher that makes the most of the elements

"For sure it is a steady evaluation by the general public that there would not be the developed electronics industry as today without the technology of screen-printing." (by Inoue)

Ever since it introduced the first plane screen-printer in November 1964, NEWLONG has consistently made efforts to develop the technology and grown up even to bear a role in laying the foundations of the present development of the electronics industry.

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<Written by Kunio Michida>

The articles from Japan Industrial Journal("FujiSankei Business i." now) from June 3 to 16, 1980 are revived having been permitted.

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