NEWLONG SEIMITSU KOGYO manufacturs and sells screen-printing machines.
We improve our screen-printing technorogy and products for development, research, and manufacturing with your ideas and requests.



President's Message

We provide excellent printing techniques to contribute to the society.
We keep growing up for that purpose as a creative enterprise.

Progress with Fine Printing

NEWLONG SEIMITSU KOGYO Co., Ltd. was founded in 1948.We have developed and produced many kinds of screen-printing machines for over half a century.

The screen-printing machine has varied with the innovation in science during the late 20th century, and become a key technology for the electoronics industry.

The role of screen-printing has increased remarkably also in the fields of energy conversion, environmental conservation and biotechnology in recent years.

We progress with fine printing by developing advanced screen-printing machine to adapt every field.

President Masayuki Itagaki

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