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Door to Screen-Printing

- Unknown birth episode japan made screen-printing machine -

<Monday June 16, 1980 The Japan Industrial Journal>


NEWLONG SEIMITSU, having a 50% market share in the industry, has developed stably. Its position as a leader of the electronics industry has been secured, too.

"I want to have another factory in the future, if I have a chance."

The president Inoue is growing a new dream.

As we have seen, there are lots of encouraging factors in the market. Moreover, replacement demand is also expected, for it has already been seven years since NEWLONG SEIMITSU pioneered this field.

There are good prospects also in the global market. Presently, NEWLONG exports 15% of its production, but Inoue aims to increase the amount to a constant 20%.

Now its markets are mainly in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, and Southeast Asia, and in Hong Kong, it accounts for 90% of the electronics industry. Japanese enterprises also often introduce the machines to Taiwan etc. with their expansion there. Inoue is proud that NEWLONG can now compete sufficiently even in American market. He says that although America leads the world especially in the field of screen-printing technology, Japan has established an original field of technology of its own in these fifteen years.

"The price is almost half of American products. If NEWLONG expands in U.S., it will be managed locally, but the service also will be good enough. We put two machines on exhibit because an American wanted to sell them, and one of them sold soon. It made a good start." (Inoue)

In addition, NEWLONG approaches China actively. Since the times of the Cultural Revolution, NEWLONG has made contact with China to make a progress not only displaying in exhibitions but exchanging the printed wiring technology. Koyama, an executive, has already visited China two times and helped training Chinese technologists. If Japanese technical assistance in electronics industry to China becomes active in the future, the machines of NEWLONG SEIMITSU will follow as a matter of course. It can be said that the Chinese market, including development of the Hong Kong market, is widely opened in front of Inoue. With such future in sight, Inoue never changes his attitude to lay the groundwork.

Monday June 16, 1980 The Japan Industrial Journal

Keeping the policy "Work well and play well", he is still determined to maintain the policy of having affairs run by a select few. In present, the business is running smoothly holding four months of orders. Although the chance and conditions to expand the company are satisfied, he sticks to a line "Slow and sure wins the race" calmly measuring strength. Regarding human resource, he has at last started new activities as systematic new hiring.

On the other hand, he keeps a watch over the development of the industry. Although NEWLONG now is in the position of a leading manufacturer, Inoue says that the enterprises will coexist with each other in mutual prosperity keeping their fields, based on the recognition that it is the origin of fundamental structure of the world.

His basic recognition and attitude is the same to his company. Even if he builds up the make-up of the company, he wants to maintain the thought and characteristics of a backstreet workshop in a positive way, because basically it is a company that the staff unitedly have enliven.

This is a way of thinking that the idea of distribution of profits is something to be examined more, furthermore, the individuals try to polish their skills each other creating work environment that gives them worthwhile jobs and life. So he does not take measures against the elderly. There is an age-limit system at fifty-five years old, yet he invites the staff "Let's work together while you can." And he says laughing: "Most of the staff has been working for a long time."

"We should put our heart into our work. We must never do poor work. But I don't want to do business giving someone a lot of trouble."

"In a word, what is important is wholeheartedness."

Inoue said definitely in conclusion.

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<Written by Kunio Michida>

The articles from Japan Industrial Journal("FujiSankei Business i." now) from June 3 to 16, 1980 are revived having been permitted.

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