NEWLONG SEIMITSU KOGYO 以制造及销售丝网印刷机为本,进行开发研究,提供更好的丝网印刷机。



Door to Screen-Printing

- Unknown birth episode japan made screen-printing machine -

<Wednesday, June 4, 1980 The Japan Industrial Journal>


The progress of NEWLONG SEIMITSU KOGYO (hereafter NEWLONG SEIMITSU) is also that of Japanese screen-printers.

"A pioneer of screen-printers"- this is the true face of NEWLONG SEIMITSU acknowledged by everybody including itself.

And also, the true face is nothing but a work that Takayasu Inoue, a man who was struck by and has trod the path of mechanical engineering from his childhood, has finished drawing after fifteen years.

Someone else could have taken up position as the pioneer of screen-printers if the man called Inoue had not been. Yet Inoue has carried out his duty.
In that sense, it can be said that the histories of NEWLONG SEIMITSU and Japanese screen-printers should overlap with that of half his life.

It was in a spring, May 1963,

A screen-printer was sent from the U.S. to an industrial technology promotion center of a metropolitan industrial research institute located close to the sea in Hamamatsu Town, Tokyo. One day, Inoue got a chance to have a look at the brand-new machine just arrived. Somehow it struck a chord in his heart.

Ever since 1948 in the immediate postwar period when Inoue set up business on his own using the production of parts of industrial sewing machines as a springboard, he had always attempted new fields based on tools. The encounter with a screen-printer slightly struck a sympathetic chord in his heart always looking for the next development.

An encounter between a man and man or an encounter between a man and technology - In each case, there is an aspect that appears to be a divine arrangement. Some pass each other even though they do encounter each other, while some have a perfect encounter which seems to be as if it were a revelation of God. The encounter between Inoue and screen-printing refreshes such thoughts.

Wednesday, June 4, 1980 The Japan Industrial Journal

In that summer, this encounter took definite shape in front of Inoue.

One day, Tetsuo Rai, who went to Kanagawa Technical Highschool the same school as Inoue, visited him. Since they are almost the same age, they had been long-time friends. Rai too was running a company called. Yamazaki Seiki and had a factory in Togoshi, right near Inoue's.

"A man called Mr. Hashimoto from Toyo Ink has offered me to deal in screen-printers..."

Rai began to talk bluntly.


Inoue were interested and soon leaned forward too.

Rai's explanation was considerably specific. He talks on the basis of the information given by Toyo Ink about the prospect of screen-printing technology and even says that an age of screen-printing has arrived in American printing industry.

It clearly reminded Inoue of the screen-printer he saw at the industrial research institute.
It was such a large-scale machine just like American. "Rugged" was his first impression and he thought at that time that it was the American style.

As if he saw into Inoue's mind, Rai went on to say:

"I think if we improve American machines to reduce the weight by half so that they fit Japanese' dexterity."

"Uh-huh, I thought the same".

"I'll make a plan. But I have a problem with the technology and factory: my factory alone won't be enough. I wish you could help me..."

"All right, that sounds interesting. Let's do it!"

Inoue replied immediately.

He heard the employees saying "Boss, we would like to make something unique".

It was the first step of NEWLONG SEIMITSU.

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<Written by Kunio Michida>

The articles from Japan Industrial Journal("FujiSankei Business i." now) from June 3 to 16, 1980 are revived having been permitted.

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