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Sep. 7,2009
Rotary Screen Printing Machine LS-500NR to be released
~Realization of high-speed, high-precision printing system~

On September 7th, we will release a new product called Rotary Screen Printing Machine LS-500NR.

The Rotary Screen Printing Machine LS-500NR to be released is our latest roll-to-roll continuous screen printing machine, which prints continuously with a rotating cylindrical screen onto a substrate traveling at a constant speed. One of its remarkable features is extremely high-speed printing compared to traditional screen printing with flat plate.

Lately System-on-Film, which enables fabrication of electronic devices by integrating functional elements on the film substrate and then separating it into pieces, has been attracting lots of attention as a new manufacturing technology. The Rotary Screen Printing Machine LS-500NR, designed for ultimate productivity, can be used in fabrication processes of wide variety of electronic devices such as wireless tags, FPCs, touch panels, solar cells, electronic paper, and MEMS. In addition, it is also expected to be used for lithium-ion secondary batteries and fuel cells.

Our lineup of high-precision, high-productivity machines has been enhanced with the release of Rotary Screen Printing Machine LS-500NR, along with “LS-500NC roll-to-roll screen printing machine with high-precision alignment” released two years ago.

LS-500NR(※The photo shut main body cover)
LS-500NR(※LS-500NR with the cover closed)
LS-500NR(※Line configuration including main body)
LS-500NR(※Production line with LS-500NR)

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