NEWLONG SEIMITSU KOGYO 以制造及销售丝网印刷机为本,进行开发研究,提供更好的丝网印刷机。


NEWLONG exhibited in a show (JPCA Show 2004).

JPCA Show 2004 took place at Tokyo Big Sight from the 2nd to 4th of June, and 59,423, more than the last year, was announced to have attended. Our booth received approximately 500 business cards and the number of attendants amounts to more than 800 in real terms. We would like to express our appreciation and thanks to all the attendants we had.

This show took place when car/clean energy-related industry as well as home digital appliances such as flat TV, DVD, movile phone, and digital camera are growing lively. The electric circuit board and flexible printed circuit board attracted considerable attension, indicating activity of the industry.

NEWLONG displayed LS-34TVA, LS-340VTVA, and SG-500HR, mainly showing fine line print on wafer and plugging print performed in a vacuum. Rewiring print by fine wiring of 20µ thick WL-CSP line, which can be applied to actual product-level, was displayed as electric circuit board. This sample was made on the basis of the technology to print 10µ thick line onto GS by LZ-250IP and attracted a great deal of attention. Flexible printed circuit board-related products also made us believe activity of the industry: many professionals were interested in our printers for COF/TAB although they were displayed in the photograph panels. Also, SG-500HR, the prototype sharpener, Squeegee Scan and screen washer (Oki Electric Industry-made), that are necessary for above mentioned printing, received considerable attention, and our booth was thronged with attendants every day.

We sould like to express our appreciation and thanks to all the attendants and for your continued support.

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JPCA Show 2004 JPCA Show 2004
JPCA Show 2004 JPCA Show 2004

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